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Complete De-congestive Therapy

Lymphedema is a swelling of a body part, typically the extremities, but can also be in the face, abdomen, neck, or genitals. It is a protein-rich fluid that builds in the subcutaneous tissues of the body. Once present, it is a chronic and progressive condition that needs treatment to be controlled. The causes of Lymphedema include: Surgery, Radiation Therapy, lymph node removal, Trauma, Filariasis, Infection, CVI, Obesity, Congenital Hereditary, & Non-Congenital Hereditary.

1. Manual Lymph Drainage—a gentle manual technique that increases the activity of lymph vessels and manually moves lymph fluid thereby decreasing swelling.

2. Compression Therapy—non-elastic bandages are used to improve the function of the muscle pump by reducing the accumulation of fluid.

3. Exercises—slow, rhythmic exercises are combined with bandaging to increase lymph flow.

4. Skin Care—skin in lymphedema is typically dry and susceptible to infection. Education on proper care is important.

If you or someone you know is battling Lymphedema, please call our office to schedule an Initial Evaluation with Danielle Malpezzi, PTA, CLT. Danielle is certified in Complete Decongestive Therapy and has helped many patients thus far.  570-629-4921