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A Different Kind of Office

The first thing people notice is that our waiting room looks like a living room.  The fireplace makes it warm and inviting.  The office staff greet you with smiles and will help you make sense of the insurance confusion.

On your first visit, you’ll meet one of the physical therapists for an evaluation and treatment approximately one hour.  At that time, we review your medical history, screen your joints head to toe, assign a home exercise program, discuss a treatment plan for successive visits and then begin treatment, if time allows.

Your goals are our goals!  Your pain can be from many different sources.  Many times it is compensation for a muscle imbalance that occurs from trauma, a repetitive stress or a postural anomaly.  This pain can be alleviated with a plan for stretching and strengthening multiple joints.  Pain from swelling or edema can be addressed with modalities including electrical stimulation, cold laser and ultrasound.

Myofascial pain is often misunderstood.  It can come from one source, an injury or surgery a long time ago and arise to a new body part as an unexplained pain.  This pain is treated with our signature myofascial release techniques.  These include massage, hands-on myofascial release, Instrament Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), and Triggerpoint Dry Needling (TDN).

If you have had a recent surgery for a joint replacement or arthroscopy of a joint, we invite you to come into the Tannersville or Marshalls Creek Physical Therapy and Wellness office and check out our state of the art equipment.  Each piece works a different body part and we believe in strengthening the entire body.  This improves balance and strengthens the core. Our treatments are gentle, but effective.  Our end results – full range of motion and strength, get people back to their favorite activities faster and with fewer visits.

Our athletes, including,  runners, dancers, football players, soccer players, cross-fitters – will tell you we are the best!  An ACL surgery requires careful treatment to fully heal before the muscles can be strengthened.  Muscle tears can be treated with Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN) for faster healing and a quicker return to your sport.

Did you know that physical therapy can help patients going through chemo therapy?  A recent study showed that stretching and strengthening helps to improve  quality of life by increasing  endurance for everyday activities.  They also found a quicker recovery for return to work.

Our Lymphedema program is number one with Hughes Cancer Center doctors.  We have a dedicated comfortable room, an automatic high low table, and very compassionate and caring certified therapist.  Lymphedema Drainage will be explained and taught for home self-management.

If you have unexplained pain, dizziness, swelling, movement disorder or are an athlete or dancer that wants to perform better, than I challenge you to visit us.  Talk to us, schedule a visit to Tannersville or Marshalls Creek Physical Therapy & Wellness.  Send us a question via email.  You don’t have to live as you are, be better, healthier, happier…. Guaranteed!

Georgine Todd, Physical Therapist and Owner

01.08.2014 Regina Nicolardi + Local Flair + Tannersville PT (32)

Born: Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Education: BS Biology, East Stroudsburg University
MS Physical Therapy, MCP Hahneman University

Advanced Education:

  • Myofascial Release
  • Mulligan’s Nags and Snags
  • McKenzie Lumbar
  • Stanley Paris’s Lumbar
  • Cervical Mobilizations
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling

Experience: Self employed in clinical practice since 2003.
Previously worked in the entire spectrum of health care including hospital, inpatient rehab, skilled nursing homehealth, and outpatient rehab – my final stop.

Philosophy: I started Tannersville Physical Therapy & Wellness so that I could give patients the one-on-one treatment they needed to get better in the shortest amount of time. I look at the patient’s history and at the patient’s whole body shape, form and movements) to lead me to the most effective treatments. I don’t have a cookbook of exercises for everyone, but I do focus on making whole body changes, and the results are spectacular. The greatest compliment is when a person reports that they haven’t walked, moved or reached without pain in a long time and now, after treatment, they can!